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The Galactic Federation of Light Playlist - 51 Videos

Who is the Galactic Federation of Light? This video playlist will help you understand.
Love and Light
Galactic Federation of Light Playlist - 51 Videos

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blossom Goodchild Channelings for Novemeber 8th and 9th.

6. NOV 8.

Good morning to you. My my, how different this all is these days. I guess the main factor is that SO many people desire SO many answers from you about all sorts of things. Before you asked me to put the message out and before the ‘Big Day’ it just wasn’t that way for us. I would just sit and see what came through. And what came through was what came through. The ‘demand’ has changed things whether I like it or not.

YIPEE! Within that moment of writing I had a revelation. I am going back to ‘The way it used to be”. That’s how it worked for me … and you … without the pressure. You are either there or you are not. If you want to say something you will. If you don’t you won’t. That sits so well for me. And it is SO easy to get caught up in what other people want as opposed to what ‘we’ want. So … here we are … no questions, just back to the old days and some good old fashioned repartee!!

Dearest Lady. It is correct for us to say that the continual barrage of negativity that is aimed at you at this time is somewhat surprising to us. Is it not that these souls who do not appear to understand The Truth of your proposal live in fear of facing their immediate situation of themselves? There is balance in all things and yet now and then the sea saw is laden one end, more so than the other. We ask only that within your heart you keep the Trust that you have nurtured and allow us to assist when it seems that the end that is weighing you down is heavier than anticipated.

With respect to those who have an abundance of queries regarding future strategies and attempts of freedom to the spirit, may we offer these words to you? Within each one lies the answers to the questions you ask. This may not be understood and yet we say it is of Truth. If you did not search inside of the soul self for these answers then very little would be accomplished. For is it not known by you that we all have all knowledge within. Yes, there are certain equalities of answers from outer transcriptions, but ultimately they are words and how is one to know which of these words are valid and which are not?Yes, you know what we are to say if you have been following the direction in which we have been pointing. It is within THE HEART that the answers will tell each individual what is what. And yes, what is what for one may not be what it is for another. It depends greatly on where one is on their journey. Therefore, do not discredit any one thing, for although it may not be what is what for you, it may very well be the absolute Truth for another at that particular time.In the density of your earth plane you cannot know all answers from the perspective of understanding the workings of each and every universe and indeed where and how that universe may be situated and why. However, what we have been advising for each one is to retreat/return INTO/ INSIDE the self. Here there is understanding of all things. How many of you are prepared to look within? Many of you may say ‘oh yes… I am a meditator’. But many of you also believe that by sending out pennies to a certain cause that you are enlightened and doing a good job.

Sorry, you’ve lost me a bit there … or have I lost you ?

There are still so many it seems that reside on your planet that need to feed their ego. They NEED to be SEEN TO BE a do gooder. Outward appearances our imperative to many. When it is understood that inward appearance is the key, then and only then will there be a change in the global outward appearance. For what is born within can then become apparent without.

Yes, but …. Oh guys, do you know what … no matter how hard I try my head space is very much aware that many people are going to read this. .Many people are 'waiting' to read this … and you know what … I’m just not in the right space. Before … I would just leave it … so in order to keep True to myself that is what I must do. The flow is sort of there and sort of not. I think it’s more 'me' than anything else. Got out of bed on the wrong side and experiencing an extremely bad hair day. Hardly the right frame of mind to be connecting up with Light beings such as your good selves who probably don’t have any hair!!

We accept your position and agree it would be more poignant to resume at a more ‘energetic’ time. One thing we would like to close with

Oh please … anything …

Each individual soul is part of the whole, and this is becoming more widely known. Therefore , we would ask you to think about the possibility that …

Yes????? What ??? You surely can’t leave it like that! …. Oh NO! I know your next sentence. …

That is exactly where we choose to leave it !

All is as should be. Golden Rays . Golden Rays. Golden Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.(had doubts about posting this. Guess I"m feeling a little vulnerable It is as it is. I am as I am )

7. NOV 9th

Ok …here I am …. Are you about?… wondered if you may start by finishing the sentence you left us dribbling over yesterday … yes I have a bib, but can’t remember where I last put it! And clearly my hair is looking fab, as you can sense!!

Dearest one … Let us get immediately to the point then shall we? We asked that you all begin to accept that the one individual is part of the ONE that is the whole. When this can be understood it makes plans so much simpler. There are words that have been issued as in “do unto others as you would have be done unto yourselves’. This is exactly what we ask of you. In what way would you desire to be thought of? Desire to be treated in the manner of? We ask for an experiment to be underway. For a certain amount of time every day imagine another to be you. As if that other is thinking and feeling AS YOU! Just for a short time. How does that appeal? How do you appeal to yourself? There is also a double entendre within this, in that it is allowing you to take some time to send Love to yourself. How often does one give the self that gift? Always busy … far too busy. Often too busy for others let alone the self. This world in which you reside dear friends was not designed to be run by a circular instrument with two dials that dictate when you may or may not do something. This world was designed for your liberty. To create what your inner being had the power to create. The freedom of choice factor is entirely up to you . How do you wish to create your days? How would it seem if you just stopped for a time to assess IT ALL? Where is your position in all of this conundrum? What is it you are seeking to find? How will you conduct your days ahead? Are you happy with the ones you live in now? Or would you chose differently if you KNEW you HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE IT?

Well, we say this to you…. YOU DO! SO CHANGE IT! Change it from this world that we observe that is very strange to our way of thinking … but perhaps this is just that we see differently from you. But we have discussed in councils as to the way forward and we perceive that as a whole as part of this ONENESS, it is not how one would wish to continue.

It is up to you dearest ones. We cannot change it for you. We can offer assistance but ultimately it is your move. Will you consider wisely or merely leap into the bold beyond without consulting the self and its desires?

It is essential if you wish to behold the beauty in which you KNOW to be TRUTH for you to conquer all that is no longer serving your planet. There is much now in these following days that shall be revealed in a manner that shall surprise even those who feel they will not be surprised. As we continue forth into the new world … the new wave of Love … for indeed in your eyes it is of newness … it shall be seen to be believed.

What shall be seen to be believed?

All that one does not believe.


Yes all.

Dear lady, for many of you … what is to come will simply be accepted by the soul for it is KNOWN by the soul. So it is not that it is ‘new’ in one sense. Everything is known by the soul and as we move into the Higher vibration the soul shall be able to recall matters and ‘things’ that have been buried for millennia.

We would say that as you move forward you are indeed moving BACK into the beginning that has no end.

Live your lives as if indulging in your favourite dreams. BE the life that you came down here to BE. Let nothing that is not you try to tell you that it is. And what is you???

EVERYTHING! Everything that you are! And what are you?

LOVE. And what is LOVE?

EVERYTHING! and what is everything ?


Yep yep, got it … with all respect.

But have you? You yourself Blossom say you know of this which we speak and yet we would say there are very few that understand on a level that is able to present itself in its fullness. To the degree that it should be allowed to present itself.

Please understand I wasn’t meaning to be facicious… faceeshus …. Fassetius …fasesh ….. cocky!!!

We know your heart Blossom. All is well.

For indeed, if everyone KNEW they were nothing but this LOVE, there would be NO NEED for any change around you and yet we see that there is need for great change.This is why we come. This is why we have always said we will come. To help you understand about LOVE. For if you only understand LOVE in its kindergarten format, how can you create this world that the depths of your hearts are yearning for?

May we add that even those in the darkest places are yearning for that world ... for that is the creation that was designed in the first place. That LOVE is the home from which you all came. That LOVE must be transformed BACK into its original fullness. That energy of LOVE is ALL there is. Whether you are able to convince yourselves of this or not does not matter at this point in the proceedings. What does matter at this point is that you UNDERSTAND that through LOVE in what ever way it is presenting itself at this moment …. One CAN and WILL transform this planet earth BACK into the glory of its former reality … if this is what your RACE desires. And we KNOW, that your race desires this for we are from a time where there is no circular dial to conform us, but there is a space in which we reside that allows us to KNOW that the GOLDEN RACE we spoke of is you … each one of you … IT IS DONE!

Mmm! no worries with communication links today then. Thanks chaps. Made me laugh as it was flowing through. YOU asking US all those questions…. Touché! I feel that is your lot for now. I know we shall resume at the most perfect moment. LOVES YA!

Saviors of Earth - Time Acceleration & The Golden Age

Bashar - First Contact, Part 1 of 2

Bashar - First Contact, Part 2 of 2

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saviors of Earth - You Are The Savior

Blossom Goodchild's Three Newest Channels

3. Oct 31st.

Hello my friends … I’ve been chatting with Ric and we feel that it is time to end the ‘snapshot’ book. Not that I will be stopping channeling, but we need to wrap things up for the book and we always felt that no matter what happened the end of Oct would be a good time. Does this feel right for you?

If this feels necessary for you, although we would say that there is so much more to come .

Then would you prefer to leave things as they are and continue on in this fashion and I’ll leave it up to you as to when the book is to be completed.

This is agreeable to us. You have spoken words that this is just the beginning … and indeed this is so. Do you not feel the birthing of the new understanding? For those who care to look around and within it is apparent that the world as it has been presented to you shall no longer suffice. It can no longer hold ground in the manner that has been portrayed. The time is upon all that is known as the human race to make changes for the self and the planet. The NEW DAWN is indeed arising. We that assist your upliftment are in awe of the standing that appears within the Light of so many.

I was so looking forward to today’s channeling and yet the link isn’t terribly strong … and you just fed me the word … interference. Shall we persevere or let it be? ( Very odd, I closed my eyes and saw myself being beaten round the head over and over with a cricket bat! MMM!!! I just did a little visualization of ‘topping up’ my sword of Light.)

Nope … it’s just not happening, and I shall have to accept that. I will try again tomorrow. The last thing I would ever do is force the issue. Sorry, folks, I know many of you are waiting … maybe that’s it … the subconscious pressure?

So ... unusual as this is for this channeling page, may I divert you, the reader, to a podcast I did yesterday with Brad Johnson on

I had the most beautiful confirmation from White Cloud at the beginning of this week that all is well. I do not have the time to write it down just now but I tell the story on this podcast. Let’s hope tomorrow will bring a stronger link. Many thanks. Golden Rays Rule!

4.( Nov 1st. )

Well, it’s a new day. I so hope you are able to communicate, but if you can’t, you can’t, and I shall have to accept that.

Dear lady we are with you. We must contain thoughts.

What do you mean by that and why?

There is a thunderbolt that is underlying our transmission. There are many who wish us not to get through. There are those who desire a package of ill truth to be transmitted. There are all manner of miscommunications taking place at this point to confuse. Since our message was first transcribed and sent out by you, there has been mass development regarding the future of your planet. There are those who are deeply opposed to this evolvement, for it means there downfall on a scale that is vast. We wish no harm to the ones who have created such devastation; we desire only that your planet regains its beauty and Truth. If we were to wish harm on another being of life then we would not be creating this new world we know can be created by you of earth. Let it be known that the resonance that is filtering through your planet at this given time is preparing you for what lies ahead.
You question as to why our ship was not presented to you in the manner we had promised. You question as to whether it was ever going to be of that way that we presented. We say to you that our plans had to be aborted at the last minute. Many of you will accept this. Many will not. We can only give to you how it is. Yes, we are still here. Yes we will continue to be here until our task is finished. We have said many times that we have waited too long for this to fall on its feet.

Look how you are assisting us, even though there was disappointment on a large scale, look how your hearts are telling you that we are of Truth. We cannot persuade those at this point, who feel they were deceived, to rethink. That is not for us to do, for it is part of their soul’s journey. However we can tell you that there shall come a time when all shall be made clear and we say to you in LOVE that this shall be given to you when least expected. We have learnt much through the non appearance. Initially we were gravely disappointed also. Especially when we could pick up on the mass disillusionment from so many. And yet … do you not say in your world ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. What this non happening has allowed us to do is far more beneficial than one could realize. We have assessed the ‘glow’ that has emerged due to the very thought of our arrival, and we have noted also how that ‘glow’ is still Lighting up your planet and also allowing many individual souls to receive that ‘glow’ in their hearts . There is much that is taking place on your planet. A revolution of LIGHT has begun BECAUSE of our non appearance. We are overjoyed at this outcome. Those of lesser Light have assisted us in a way they could not have imagined. Do you see” Even those who are in the dark are bringing forth the Light. THE POWER OF LOVE IS BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION.

A movement has begun in many areas of your planet. Rivulets of determination to renew your planet are now flowing downstream. In the days ahead each one shall merge into the fullness of THE ONE. THE ONE River that flows through all. All that is life.

We have new plans.

That’s good to hear, but let me just say before we go any further, don’t even think about telling me a date …. Because as much as I love and TRUST you … I really don’t think I could go through that again!!!!!

This is understood by us and we are enjoying the colour of your humour at this moment. From little acorns oak trees grow.

Not sure how that fits in with what you are saying but it came through strongly enough that I needed to put it down. So … OK … boldly here I go into the unknown and I am going to ask a question if I may?

Your bravery is excelling itself.

So some say …. There is much confusion between different chanellers regarding whether or not there is such a ship and if it is of Light energy only so therefore, only those that have risen to a certain vibration would see it anyway. Yet … YOU said, that there would be a ship for all to see, so that the argument as to whether there is life on other planets would be dealt with once and for all. Can you elaborate on this quandary please?

Certainly. What WE said is what WE meant. There indeed is ship that can manifest into your vibration and as we said it is one beyond your wildest imaginings.

OoooH … I am picking up on your next sentence …. OOOHHH… shall I? Gotta !!

IT SHALL BE SHOWN TO YOU and then you will know.

NO offence, just a little apprehensive on matters such as you are speaking … I am sure you understand?

To a certain degree and yet dearest friend, this is showing to us that your TRUST level has depleted somewhat. Is this correct?

If it had, believe me , I wouldn’t be talking to you now. The clarification from White Cloud that you are of TRUTH is enough for me. I have no need to question you, for he is someone I TRUST beyond all measure, and if you’re ok in his books, then you are certainly ok in mine. I guess it’s the acceptance that it will actually take place. So many of us were so Trusting and we learned many lessons from that within ourselves. It still is hard to imagine that something like this could actually happen,. Do you know what I mean or not?

Not really, for we are inside the ship therefore we know it exists!!!! All we have to do now is follow our new plans, and we shall not be disclosing them to you at this juncture.


We have understood through what took place on the 14th that it is not wise … for your safety, (and may we say to a degree that many of you may never be aware of) … to reveal our ‘show date’. Yet it shall be so. It shall be so.

We feel we must leave now as we will leave you tired for the rest of your day if we do not.

Yep, understood, could feel us just creeping over that line…. How lovely to be able to chat for so long. Thank you. Thankyou so much.

We say to you the pleasure is all ours.

There are many who shall read this who would disagree. It seems your words give pleasure to a great many. We give thanks for that guys.

5. Nov 2nd.

It is after midnight and I couldn’t sleep. Things were running through my head and I felt a strong desire to communicate with you. ‘I’ may be ok with you not showing, but I know that many want to know why, and I suppose when I really think about it, I guess I wouldn’t mind knowing what YOU have to say, further than ‘for our safety’. So many have shared their thoughts as to what may or may not have happened. I would LOVE it if I could have the real TRUTH from you in more detail. . So here goes …. Ok, so from when I signed off with you two days before the 14th Oct … what happened from your point of view … at what point did you decide to abort the appearance and why?

We were on task as we had given our word to be. We had gained much excitement and we were expecting the Divine plan to go ahead as scheduled. We had not however, anticipated what was to befall us in the coming time that you use as hours in a day to mark specific events.
What those of your planet are mostly unaware of is that, We ,The Federation are not beyond destruction. Although we have technology that is way ahead of that which you feel is advanced in your world, it must be understood that this does not mean that we are indestructible.

Yes, but you were aware surely of any proposal to try and make it look as if you were coming to destroy our planet, and as I know it, if you wanted to, you could blow up this little earth of ours in a second!

You see Blossom; this is where you have misunderstood. It is not within our capacity to ‘blow up’ your little earth, for it is not in our thought process to even comprehend such an action. Therefore, although we are advanced in technology far ahead of you, we have not developed weapons of mass destruction for it is completely outside of our nature to do so. This has been greatly misunderstood by those in your world. However may we say, that is not to say that there are not such weapons. Indeed there are, and we were informed that they would be used, not against us, but against you … when we say ‘you’, we mean millions of innocent people. It was made known to us by those that have ‘agents’ shall we say, that any kind of “GREAT VISUAL TRUTH’ of our existence would put your planet under great threat by those of your planet who do not wish it to be known that we are THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT and we are your ALLIES. Do you see now the dilemma that we were in? Do you see why we had to take serious consideration as to your safety? Our energy of TRUTH that had been so willingly and Lovingly accepted by you and so many of your race was in jeopardy . Yet we had no choice.

But had you not forseen this possibility? To be honest, I had only given it thought that perhaps those of lesser Light, may have staged a war to make it look like YOU were coming to invade US. I am aware of certain projects that can project this etc. but I had not thought that they would literally ‘blow many of us up’ … weird how those words came to mind… would it have been that serious? Would they really have gone that far to keep themselves from falling? God, to be honest … as I’m writing that, I am saying to myself ‘Get real Blossom, Look at what you know of their behaviour already!’ So is that it then? … is that why you didn’t show? So to go back to my question, had you not already thought that this would be a possibility?

Yes, naturally it had come to our attention. But it seemed feasible that we may still go ahead with our plans as we were not sure as to whether we had been put in a situation that might as you say turn out to be ‘bluffing’.

Only they weren’t! ?

Indeed far from it. There could be no compromise under these circumstances. It simply would be against all that we stand for if we had even thought of taking the risk. Can you see now how our beings were drained with disappointment? … Just like those of you on your planet. And far worse than the disappointment was the loss of TRUST that so many would once again encounter. And may we say at this juncture dear lady there was much concern for you and your safety at this point also. How we had hoped to be able to connect with you, but there was a confusion within the matrix that shattered all possibilities of doing so, and by then it was too late.

And to be honest … what would I have done?? If I had suddenly said ‘hey everyone, just been told the whole things off … sorry” … Well to be honest, I just don’t know how I would have dealt with it. As you know I live by ‘ all is as should be’ and that is exactly how it was/is. And apart from the network splattering nasty names about my oh so saintly character … it seems that so much good has managed to come out of it anyway/after all.

Therefore we feel that we have explained that which we have got you out of bed for in the small hours of your morning (1am) to explain.

Yes but to be perfectly honest as you know… I was asking!

Do you feel satisfied with the answer?

Yes and as you said earlier today when we communicated, plans for the future are best kept under wraps. Erm … I wonder why?? I know many will find this difficult … or maybe I underestimate the human race , if so , sorry … but we really must enter into the deepest part of our soul, connect with our Higher self and from that place … send much Light and Love to those who wish us so much harm. And as I am writing that I get a vision of the acute shock their soul will receive in being sent that Light. As if they had to turn away from the brightness of it, for it was too painful. Truly … what a deeply desperate place within anyone’s soul to reside in. I know we must reap what we sow, I know that … dear dear me… Let’s bring that Light into our world and may it encompass all and everything in its brightness … leading us forward to a way of PEACE that we can ALL share.

Dear people of earth …it is with much gratitude we leave this communication this night. We have given our Truth and we are satisfied that it shall be accepted as our explanation by many. Waver not in the strength of who you are. For indeed, not so far away is the revealing glory of all that is of LIGHT. Strike up the band.

I am sincerely hoping this isn’t a new jigsaw?

It is our way of enjoying such interaction with you.

And we shall leave it at that for now. My friends …I thank you. Well worth the ‘not being able to sleep’. Until next time.

OK , on reading this back, I need to just make a query before we sign out. It’s to do with you saying that you are not indestructible. Can you clarify what your intention of this statement is specifying? (God …. That’s a bit ‘grown up’ for me!) Perhaps it’s you in disguise!!!

It is exactly as we stated.

Yes, but then you go on to say that we on earth were in danger and don’t say anything about the fact that your ship may have been destroyed and when you began it seemed as if that was what you intention to explain was. Are you following me?

It may surprise many of you when we say we are not indestructible.

It did me!

All things that are created can be dissolved. For energy is energy. It is OF everything, everything is OF it. Therefore it would be arrogant to say our ship cannot be destroyed.

I think I may have to finish this tomorrow, with all respect. Drowsy to the point of losing the plot altogether now. We shall resume!

It’s now tomorrow. I have to say … it’s sometimes a difficult task being the messenger!!! I am getting in to matters here that seem a little political and anyone who knows me knows that politics is completely out of my league. Gotta say …. Life was so simple and easy before I sent your message out. Now, I find myself on a journey that is completely unexpected. But my journey none the less. And … if this is what I volunteered to do on some other level, which I believe it is then I will try to see it through in the best way I know how, and that is sticking to what my heart says and followingLIGHT LOVE and LAUGHTER at ALL TIMES. I’ve just got to keep going back to that. So thinking on what you said about your ship not being indestructible and me thinking you were going to go off on that tangent and you didn’t, I have decided to leave it as it is. Your words and how you presented them to me are simply how they are. No more , no less. I continue to TRUST that you know best … my heart tells me to do so. Did you want to comment? I might have to approve it! (apologies , just a little joke regarding the re-opening of my blog and comments I am already receiving!)

We are present and we are approving of your comments also! Dearest Lady, the path many of you have chosen can be a little bumpy along the track at times.

Bumpy!!! Would not the term ‘extreme turbulence ‘ be more fitting?

Perhaps so. We would say it would depend on how tightly you were strapped in! You have learnt through many avenues Blossom that it is ones attitude towards all things that allows The Love and The Light and The Laughter to shine through. Always return to this knowledge when you are feeling out of sorts.

I try … I am trying. And it always works … nearly there!

What we chose to express to you in the early hours were what we felt was necessary. We would not think of burdening you with something that you were not able to accept and deal with.

I know you and I are searching for a word that would be more appropriate then ‘deal with’. It’s just not filtering through.

We know that there is much to digest……

Hah! That’s it! That’s the word ‘Digest’. You clever clever … erm … Beings!

We feel it is acceptable for us to leave for this period and resume again another time. Dearest Blossom, do not allow those who are unaware of their True potential to confuse and batter you. If you were to view your planet from our perspective you would be more than overjoyed with the LIGHT that is all around and within … and do you know what? That Light is getting Brighter and Brighter. We are on our way!

Not going to assume what you mean by that. ! With Love in my heart I sign of then. Many thanks.

And to you dearest one … and to you!.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Saviors of Earth - The Solfeggio Ascension Frequencies

From the website. Thank You Brad!
In this video, Saviors of Earth announces the Solfeggio ascension frequencies that will guarantee your 3 dimensional ascension in approximately six weeks of time. You can download the entire Solfeggio ascension frequencies for free at:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Saviors of Earth - Episode #1 from

Here is a video from Brad Johnson of
Brad does a great job of explaining some of what you might be searching for.
That search is for "Who you really are?" Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

18 of 18-Bringers Of The Dawn, Teachings From The Pleiades

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2012 - Freedom - Pleiadian Perspectives

DNA Awakening - Crown and Pineal Gland - Gods and Goddesses

Cellular memories and DNA activation

Needing "proof" of higher density intelligence.

Why no Lightship on October 14th?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My attempt for clarification on the disappointment of today.

This is a post by Brad Johnson of regarding the recent disappointment of today 10/14/2008 with the projected Galactic Federation of Light Starship not showing up when predicted.

I don't think anyone could have said it better, so I'm not going to try.

Brad's site is the source of most of my updates and info on this site, and I want to thank him for all his work in this issue.

My attempt for clarification on the disappointment of today

What can I tell you guys...I know there's many of the skeptics out there gloating, proud of themselves with big smiles on their faces. Yes, no light ship has arrived. And it is a heartbreak.

People feel I should clarify my feelings. But what I felt was what I felt. I did feel new energies, and I did feel and believe Blossom's message. She is a good person with a good heart, and now she's had threats on her life because skeptics are upset that a ship didn't show up.

I think we've all missed the purpose of the entire message. And this is what I've come to realize. It's not about waiting for ETs to show up. It's about seeing how we as a civilization can be come unified and aware of the forces and energies that are out there. I think, in my opinion, this was a test made by our allies. We have felt them, but they would not intervene, because they want to test us to make ourselves see what we're truly capable of as ourselves.

Prior to October 14th, all of us bonded. Every single one of us. We stand united. And because a ship fails to show, now there is nothing but repulsive hate, anger and disgust upon many. And who do they unleash their anger towards? The messengers, the believers...The people who work to try and make this world a better place for everyone. Showing people positivity and how we can better ourselves as a civilization. By all just showing everyone love, courtesy and respect toward us all. That there's a bigger, better life out there, and yet we all mask that possibility because the Earth Cabal has brainwashed many of us hook line and sinker.

It's so easy for anyone to say, "this is a hoax, I was right. You're all wrong, ha ha ha!"...What exactly are you attempting to get out of that? This event was meant to be a positive one. A day where all of humanity can unite, and we can filter out the bull shit of what the corrupted feed us each and every day. That's what this was all about. If a light ship showed..Great! But that wasn't the point of this day.

Those disappointed at the light ship failing to arrive are becoming the very things we want to wipe clean of ourselves. They become full of hate, vengeance and anger. When will all of us learn that we are so much better than we give ourselves credit for? Why must we dwell on the fact that we need saviors to survive? The point of the light ship wasn't meant to put thoughts in our heads that they were our saviors. They were coming simply to let you all know that they exist. But to the truly open minded, we already know that. So why...Do we continue to fight amongst ourselves? We are doing exactly what the corrupt want us to do. Spread hate, spread fear and violence over a prediction.

One of the best phrases I can think of regarding this event was to "lighten up and wake up." Regardless of what has occured, this past few weeks, we had entered that area ourselves. It didn't require a light ship to do that. Now that one fails to arrive beyond our understandings, we're back to where we started before this site even existed. We're paranoid, we're hostile...We have duality!

Well said Brad. Thank You for your great take on this issue.
What we all need right now is to stay focused on whatever brings you Joy.
By doing that, along with meditation, and continuing to evolve,
we can make an extremely huge difference on where this planet is headed,
regardless of any ILLUSION of negativity and corruption.
Stay focused on the positive and it will all fall into place like it is planned
for your life.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Mike Quinsey:
Atmos 13-October-2008

The excitement mounts as the prospect of the 14th October Sighting is upon you. The news of it has spread far and wide, and it has caused people to take a serious view about the consequences of such an important event. Some naturally feel uneasy about the possible outcome, but by far the majority are relieved that some form of help is coming to Earth. They may not all be aware of the nature of it, but in your present turmoil they look to any source that can offer a way out. Those who have followed the various messages coming through many different channels, have at least an idea as to what may happen. One fact that is absolutely certain is that you are at a stage in your evolution where you must prepare to move on. The end of this cycle has allowed for different options over the course of time, but many have chosen to ascend and have accordingly raised their vibrations. Ascension is a process that you have been involved in for quite some time, and by Divine Decree it must take place.

The stage is set for a grand finale and a glorious time of enlightenment, and the spreading of much love and harmony. The Light is reaching into people’s heart centers, and awakening them to greater possibilities than they have previously considered. Some hide away from the possible outcome of recent financial turmoil, as it is an emotional issue for which they have not been prepared. Those of the Light understand that much of the old has been found wanting, and no longer able to continue at a time when the new energies are being grounded upon Earth. We would wish for all to have an opportunity to be aware of why so many changes are occurring, and when we can come out openly and talk with you the explanations will be given. Simply stated, you are in the end times and must be prepared to undertake the next part of your evolutionary journey.

As you might imagine, we have not come thus far to be thwarted by the continued actions of the dark forces. They have been allowed to play out their hand, and it was seen that they would implode of their own volition. It clearly has resulted in many hardships and continues to do so, but you have our assurance that in the immediate future all will be well. The cleansing of the Earth means removing the lower energies and their manifestations, and as you have already seen, it cannot occur overnight. Having said that we will instigate the changes in a series of projects that shall run along side each other. In that way it shall seem to you that progress is made very quickly. Dear Ones, we have planned for this particular period for a long time, and once we have established our presence, shall move on to the next announcement of open contact. Your governments clearly already know of our plan, and have been as interested in our intentions as any one else. Some are reluctant to accept us however there is no choice involved any longer, as you the people have “invited” us within your midst.

October the 14th will be a monumental day when at last you see irrefutable evidence of our presence. It will sweep away the deliberate policy of most governments to hide the facts of our existence. Not only that but also our contact with their officials offering to bring peace to Earth, which has repeatedly been rejected. Our help has been extended to you since you first split the atom, as it was seen that this would lead to the development of nuclear weapons with the power to destroy your Earth. We shall eventually prove to you beyond doubt, that on more than one occasion you were intending to bring about a nuclear war. We shall also show you proof that your actions could have destroyed your Earth. We wish you to be aware that we have acted as your guardians for many thousands of years, and you would not have been where you are now without our help, indeed you would not have reached this high point in evolution.

Our help has been on both a physical and mental level, as we have tried to encourage a more spiritual and loving approach to life. We talk often of our allies, and be assured that many of our kind have taken a normal incarnation upon Earth and walk amongst you even now. They have brought a higher energy to you to help lift up your consciousness, and often been the very ones who have led the way to a higher understanding. You do not realize for one moment how much has been done to help you through this vital period. We along with the many councils that oversee your evolution, have constantly worked for your well being. We do not interfere with your freewill but have always kept a balance between the dark and Light, to give you every opportunity to lift up out of the lower vibrations. Whilst you have determined the nature of your experiences, we have ensured that the Divine Plan works out.

Each and every one of you subconsciously knows why we are here, even if you are not able to bring that knowledge to the waking mind. Many will deny this statement, as they have become tightly bound by different beliefs. We say to you that it is time to bring the truth into the open, and you should allow for a different approach to your understanding. The Spiritual Hierarchy that monitor your progress allow for your freewill choice in all matters, so no pressure or force is used to make you change. There will however be great Beings coming to Earth as teachers of the Truth, and no one will move out of duality without having been presented with it. There is basically one important message, and it is that “You Are All One” and have immutable links with the Source of All That Is. Therefore break down the barriers that separate you from others, and let go of any prejudice or perceived differences. Allow for a coming together, because it will happen once the old paradigm is replaced with one that brings you love, peace and harmony amongst all people.

I am Atmos from Sirius and bring messages of hope and enlightenment, and would advise you that your material problems will be short lived, and a fair and just society shall see out the last years of this cycle. You cannot carry the old vibrations much further, and they must be transmuted into the Light. As always it is your final choice, but realize what an opportunity Ascension offers you to once and for all leave the cycle of Duality behind you. The Golden Age is about to commence, and you can step onto its pathway if you so wish. Live in Love and Light and you will achieve a great step up in your evolution.

Thank you Atmos
Mike Quinsey

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Illuminati and The Galactic Federation Of Light

The Illuminati and The Galactic Federation Of Light

When President George Bush Senior gave the nod for USA led forces to butcher more than 300,000 young teenage Iraqi men in the early 1990s, he called this "war" the New World Order. Of course this was no war but a "blood fest" where the Iraqis had told Bush just weeks before they would leave Kuwait but Bush decided to go ahead and kill these helpless soldiers. Only 50 Americans lost their lives in that so called war, most of them in friendly fire.

The current crisis of another American invasion led by his son is also part of the New World Order agenda. Behind this New World Order are 13 corporate families —some of the richest in the world— which includes the Rockefellers and Rothschilds but also the Morgans and others. These families, all multi-billionaires, are called the Illuminati, and are currently running scared of an organization called the Galactic Federation of human aliens who are in space ships surrounding this planet and demanding change.

These Illuminati families want to impose and maintain "super capitalism" and with it their de facto world government. This alien organization —called the Galactic Federation— also wants a world government but they want it based on the opposite of super capitalism. The Galactic Federation want an open democratic socialist government where all peoples live in freedom, wealth, abundance and love and certainly don't support the concept of a handful of billionaires running the planet.

The two main areas of the world opposed to the Illuminati families are China and some countries in the Middle East plus the huge protest movement of the western world and Third World. When David Rockefeller would visit Argentina to see his companies mass riots would start.

These Illuminati families completely know the agenda of these friendly Galactic Federation aliens who have come to our shores to support this planet into a better future. But these Illuminati families worked for evil and bad aliens called Zeta Grey aliens, these aliens have been eradicated by the Galactic Federation in the past few years. These little Grey Aliens did genetic manipulations on Earth humans and worked closely with the American Government through the auspices of the Illuminati. The Zeta Grey aliens in turn worked for the Reptoid aliens who had a base on the moon which used psychotronic weaponry on this planet.

Psychotronic weapons can change the way people think by converting sound into electro-magnetic frequencies and can also cause earthquakes through scalar waves and caused the Kobe Earthquake in Kobe in Japan in 1994 where more than 30,000 people were killed. Many governments use psychotronic mind control weapons and have for years. The killer of the world famous singer John Lennon was given mind control psychotronic weapons back in 1980. The scalar psychotronic weapons which can cause earthquakes were done through a USA base in Pine Gap, Australia. The Second World War and the fall of the Soviet Union were caused by Reptoids on the moon using psychotronic weapons.

The Illuminati never knew the full agenda of the Greys and did not know about the Reptoids. The Reptoids can shapeshift into human form and look like lizards in their original form. They cannot shapeshift their pupils in their eyes which remain star like. The 6000 Reptoids on the moon have subsequently gone, although 200 still lurk on our planet.

The Illuminati have established worldwide networks which have essentially made up a secret government on this planet. These networks include the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg [or Bilderberger] Group. These organizations are Illuminati front organizations and make up a world secret government, completely undemocratic and fascist and support super capitalism.

But in the past two years the Galactic Federation of good aliens has destroyed all the negative aliens in the solar system or at least their power. Thus, the change in the past couple of years has been immense.

The Illuminati had worked with the Grey aliens as well these ones with the USA Government which did a deal with the Greys in the 1950s. At some of the first meetings with the Greys following the Grey alien crash in Roswell in the USA in 1947 was David Rockefeller himself. Thus, the current Bush Administration is being used as a front for these Illuminati families to continue their world domination. The Galactic Federation have said that they could destroy the Illuminati at any time but want them to literally "give up their weapons" of their own free will. The party is over for these evil families who have caused SO much hardship and hurt on this planet. And indeed, most New Age leaders say that the Reptoid/Grey Alliance is led by the Devil himself or Archangel Lucifer. So these evil Illuminati families worked for the Devil either unknowingly or, in many cases, knowingly —through satanic cults and other areas that are extremely well documented. However, the Galactic Federation is led by Archangel Michael who has been fighting Lucifer in a war for tens of millions of years.

Countless writers have been writing about this agenda for a long time. David Icke is one of the more well known writers in this area plus Galactic Federation spokesman, Sheldan Nidle. But you generally don't see any of this in the corrupt western capitalist media because, of course, they are all owned by the Illuminati. In fact the Illuminati own 97 per cent of all the western capital assets and thus control the Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex of the Western world. The evil international media baron Rupert Murdoch is bankrolled by Chase Manhattan which is owned by the Rockefeller family who also owns the biggest company in the world, Exxon Oil. The Bush family is, of course, intimately linked to the Illuminati through years of deals and negotiations. The Bush Administration's drive into Iraq is mainly the work of the Illuminati. The Illuminati also staged the terrible tragedy of September 11. It had nothing to do with Afghanistan. The whole mess we see at the moment in what could be another "blood fest" in Iraq, to use internationally respected left-wing journalist John Pilger's words, is not about oil. It is about aliens. The push into war by Bush and the Illuminati is about their fear of the Galactic Federation. Yet at the same time there are forces within the American Military Industrial Complex that ARE supporting the Galactic Federation because, in fact, they protect some friendly aliens who live on this planet. So in fact there is also an international war going on within the Military Industrial Complex.

This last cabal —the Illuminati— refuses to give up their illegal control of this planet. If they give up their power and wealth, things will change very quickly —people would be pulled out of poverty. Currently more than 40,000 children die each day through Third World debt as a result of the Illuminati war on common people. The Illuminati use the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund [IMF] as their organ to get their multinational companies into Third World countries which they then rape and pillage. The World Bank and the IMF provide the shock troops for the Illuminati. The Illuminati have had for years top contacts with the Military Industrial Complex by supplying arms for most of the world's wars. But now things have changed dramatically in the past few years. All of a sudden the Illuminati know that their days are up. And they are totally desperate and would do anything.

Not only are the worldwide Anti-globalization Movement and New Age Movement fighting the Illuminati but also many Third World countries. In the New Age Movement, millions of people follow many non fundamentalist Hindu sects such as TM, Siddha Yoga, and from Sahaja to Sai Baba. Sai Baba has a following of millions and can teleport through the speed of light and does many other remarkable paranormal phenomena. He is known as the Cosmic Christ and does not come from this planet. In the New Age Movement there is also a wide belief that the returned planetary Christ called Maitreya is on the planet supported by Ascended Masters whose headquarters are in super energy in China in the Gobi Desert in a place called Shamballa.

In new theoretical physics once energy is faster than the speed of light super energy is produced. Both, energy (e=mc squared, mc2) and super energy (e=mc4), are produced by Mind or Thought or Consciousness. This is a form of philosophical Idealism which was not just postulated by philosophers such as the Germans Hegel and Schelling but also widely in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Within the New Age Movement millions widely believe in the Galactic Federation with thousands of writers claiming to either channel information or to have actually met aliens with information.

Galactic Federation aliens have said that September 11 in New York and Washington was done by Illuminati families to keep the confusion going.

Galactic Federation aliens come here in three ways: by spaceships, as walk-ins or are actually born here and spend their incarnation here. The Galactic Federation says that all humans in the Galaxy come from the Vega Star system and were developed there 7 million years ago. About 5 million years ago a Galactic Federation was formed as humans traveled in space ships throughout the Galaxy and set up colonies on thousands of different planets. Thus, our entire galaxy is populated by humans who look like you and me. We can have sex and reproduce with these human aliens. Some of their planets are made up of oxygen which means that we could live on them. All Galactic Federation aliens say that the first human colony on earth was Hyperborea 2 million years ago. This lasted for 1 million years and then was destroyed by Reptoids in 1 million BC. Reptoids then interbred with Earth humans and we became a hybrid human race with 87 per cent human genetics. The Galactic Federation came back about 900,000BC and founded Lemuria while Atlantis developed around 500,000BC. Lemuria was destroyed in war around 50,000BC while Atlantis was destroyed about 20,000BC. This is widely accepted by most New Agers and certainly by every New Age leader.

Thus, we have been fed a pack of lies by Illuminati controlled media outlets wanting to keep us in the dark. At the same time the Illuminati have been fed a pack of lies by the Grey Aliens as well as has been the American government. Also, both groups have been controlled by the Devil or Archangel Lucifer.

The proposed Iraq invasion is the most vital test of strength for the Galactic Federation and her allies. What happens in the next few months is of vital importance for the entire planet. The Galactic Federation is of course clearly against any invasion and wants the USA to butt right out of world affairs and fix up its entire infrastructure which has been decimated by the Illuminati.

The Illuminati control most of Hollywood so their propaganda unit is one of the best in the world. The war now is very much in the minds of the peoples of this world and the Illuminati have an agenda of telling lies to keep their power.

The Galactic Federation have said that China and India may be the first countries to tell the full story of what is happening in their media and then other countries may follow. The Galactic Federation has said that China will be leading the world in space technology along with India to build spaceships to travel to other star systems. They have said this will happen within 10 years. The ships that will be built will have crystal bio-energetic computers which can receive telepathic communication from captains. This is how ships travel through the speed of light. The captains give a telepathic message to the computer which gives the message to the fields of super energy which puts the ship in a new solar system of its choice. Each spaceship can pick up super energy on their computer using a sound or music system (but not using singer Phil Collins, OK?) and they just navigate the ship into a strong field of super energy. Of course super energy is also the key to understanding Archangelic energy. Each Archangel has a trillion units of power (or angels) in super energy. Thus they can impinge on energy profoundly and change events in this world. (A friend of mine literally went through another car in a head-on car accident because her car and her body changed into super energy at impact).

Reptoids are virtually immortal while Grey aliens live for about 200 years. Within the Galactic Federation human life spans range from 30,000 years with the Arcturians, who are virtually immortal, to the Sirians who live 5000 years to more than 500 human planets who live from 200 to 400 years.

The Galactic Federation wants to see a world government developed in Canberra, Australia, (the crown chakra of the world) led by the Chinese Government and supported by the Indian and American Governments. This would be based on open democratic loving spiritual socialism. Each country would maintain their unique individual sovereignty, languages and culture and all countries would be totally respected. No nuclear weapons would be allowed whatsoever.

The Galactic Federation says Earth cannot officially join the Federation until there is a provisional world government.

Friday, October 10, 2008

October 7, 2008 Update by Sheldan Nidle

October 7, 2008 Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light

From the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) website.

Dramu Kasi! (Sirian for Much Love!) We come again as the conditions for a dramatic change on your planet move closer to manifestation. At present, your world is slowly unlocking from the stalemate that has encumbered the type of progress that we dearly desire to see happen. As this process works its way forward, many events have occurred that were predicted by our various projected scenarios for first contact. What we are seeing is the death of the old manifested belief system and the birth of the new one. As we mentioned before, the growing chaos is a mere smokescreen designed to conceal the true dire plans of the dark cabal. These revolve around a global tyranny that is set to emerge out of the present, rapidly deepening crises. However, our Earth allies, with due diligence, are setting the stage for another, more serene and prosperous reality. The important point is for you to not get caught up in the chaos, but to join us in envisioning the coming, far better alternative. This alternative is physically ready to go, and the events that lead to this new reality are already in motion.

An ongoing series of secret negotiations have yielded a definitive set of directives that permit the present US regime to be replaced, legally, with an interregnum of no more than 6-9 months duration. During this period, the interregnum is to function as the legitimate government under special, agreed-upon, emergency provisions. Under its aegis a broad range of reforms is to put in motion a new economic and political system. Since the Depression, a number of major intrusions into the intent of the original Constitution were implemented in the guise of a national economic, and then wartime, emergency. These disfigurations to the Constitution were further massively expanded by the current, illegal US regime, and the purpose of the interregnum is to undo what the dark cabal has so egregiously wreaked. Our first actions are to redo the political system and prepare to be the fair and impartial instrument as intended by the Constitution. Simultaneously, the present economic disaster needs to be untangled and replaced by new fiscal and currency instruments.

The present decline of the dollar is a natural process foreordained by the dark, but also indicated in the plans of our Earth allies for replacing the dollar. During the latter part of World War II, the dollar gained a dominance that is only now beginning to decline. The dark wishes to replace it with a fiat currency based upon a broader union; namely, the North American Union. This is their long-sought way of ending the dream of America in this hemisphere. Our Earth allies are totally opposed to the tyranny that this union represents. The continued use of a highly manipulated fiat currency, which is what the dollar has become, is not this world's way to salvation. Rather, a return to a value-based currency is the bedrock of the new system, backed by vaults filled with gold bars and silver ingots. Helping to accumulate this wealth has been one of our tasks. These secret depositories are ready to come on line when this illegal US regime is ousted from office. With the new currency system in hand, the next move is to issue global debt forgiveness.

Debt forgiveness resets the global economic system and allows the new banking and currency system to start afresh. At present the world fractional banking system has virtually every nation and every citizen in some degree of debt. We need to switch to a hard currency system and use a new method to register debt, if any, in this system. The unprecedented aspect of all this is the amount of universal prosperity accompanying these changes: A veritable ocean of funds is waiting to be distributed, and all that is preventing the disbursement is the restrictive policies of the US regime. Once these restraints are removed, by legal methods we obviously cannot describe at this time, a spigot of enormous wealth can be opened. It is this wealth that transforms the limits of the present system and initiates a new fiscal realm for you. Prosperity brings with it countless new responsibilities, and it behooves you to focus on and envision this coming potential and to dwell less on the chaos of the crumbling old order. All that now seems so frightening will be done away with before long.

The return of your freedoms is taken very seriously by our Earth allies. A plan is underway that is surely loosening the grip of the dark upon this world. After 13 millennia of control, what has been done in the past half-decade is truly amazing. Among the tasks still ahead is to break the backs of a number of obstructions that are slowing things down. By the time you read this, some of these blocks will be removed and the remaining ones will be near resolution. That is all we can say at this time. All of us are working to annul the huge amount of authority that the dark acquired. As this is lifted, new possibilities arise that expand our options, and each obstacle removed accelerates the resolution of the next, and so on. In this way the momentum increases each day, thus assuring our mutual success.

This process of incremental successes has been going on for the past half decade. During this time we have learned much about the dark and have been taught many things by our former Anchara Alliance foes. This new knowledge is being positively used by us to creatively detail each step we make. As it all unfolds, we see just how convoluted is the logic employed by this dark cabal. The degree of its deviousness seems to grow as we progress from one stage to the next. Nevertheless, progress is being made, and so we ask you to focus intently upon your vision for a more prosperous and positive reality. This new reality is to manifest in so many wonderful ways, but the ceaseless blaring of the media news can envelop you in a numbing cacophony that can make it near impossible for you to see this.

The movement toward peace and prosperity is quickening within the very essences of Mother Earth. She dearly wishes for all of you to be free, sovereign, and prosperous. This is expressed in the many loving energies that she daily sends you. If you stop and become silent, and either meditate or just center yourself, you can feel this Love percolating throughout the Earth's atmosphere and within the ripples of energy that come from the Earth's central Sun. The physicality that you reside in is watching as you transform into fully conscious Beings and cheers you on as you move irrevocably toward the transformation line. It is this that makes us know that all our work is to bear fruit and allow us shortly to meet. Then together we can usher in a new reality for you and for this entire galaxy.

The new reality is not just about physical change, but spiritual change as well. You are integrating physical and spiritual changes that are to manifest a 13-chakra system and a fully functioning union between all your RNA/DNA. This individual requires a reality filled with prosperity, true fulfillment, and a Joy that never ends! This is your future, not the scary, tyrannical realm that the dark wants to create for you. We make this point for a reason: Some of you have regressed into a depression of doubt arising from the events of the past few weeks, and yet these events are the necessary prelude to the changes that are coming. Use your intuitive heart logic to snap out of your worries and feel the bright future that quickly approaches!

Today, we continued our discussion about the baleful events of the day. While these may appear bleak, the new is nearly ready to "pop." We are almost at the finishing-line and this is when that final burst of joyous resolve is required of us all. We conclude by reminding you of our unwavering, prime focus: first contact. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2012 Evolution - Update on October 14th and First Contact

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We are here! Vrillon von der Galaktischen Föderation

Message from the Galactic Federation


My Dear brothers and sisters of light, I have just registered on ATS to send you this wonderful news and confirm something great that is about to happen. I am also a channeler for the Pleiadians and Galactic Federation of Light and there is a message I would like to share. I would like to confirm Blossom Good Childs message that I have also received and it’s wonderful news that this year on October 14th the GFL will show up in a super galactic space ship beyond human comprehension in size. I have channeled some of the details about the ship and it will be around 2,000 of our earth miles in diameter and will send loving messages to all the people of the world. This ship will cover entire cities and circle areas of earth for 3 days, no sky will be seen upon it’s arrival for those viewing it and this will cause panic among the masses but we shall not fear because they are here to reveal to the world that it’s time for our awakening, it’s time to realize we are not alone and that we are being watched over by a benevolent group of loving ET’s who look almost identical to us and consider us family in the stars.

They have carefully selected this time to show up and are doing it out of goodwill because of the great evils behind this world that we as humans cannot see for this cause they have decided to take action before it‘s to late, they do love us and care for us like family, they realize most of us our blind to the truths of this world and being controlled by something we do not really fully understand. It’s time to break free from wars, pestilence, famine, poverty, sickness, disease, rich and poor and all the world sufferings that people have purposely caused us. It’s time for us to demand these world afflictions and sufferings stop once and for all so everyone may ascend and properly evolve as the due time of the galactic alignment is coming soon. The help will soon arrive but we need to work together and assure each other not to lose faith, be prepared and spread the word, keep love in your heart, this love is the very light that connects us together with all life and light in the universe.

For this reason our family of light has chosen to come for us in this great time of need because they do know what the rulers of this world who are not even human are about to unleash before a great awakening occurs on the planet and they are here to set us free. These evil rulers have controlled those who rule as puppets and been the very reason for wars, famine, starvation, disease and great sufferings and they do not want the human race to succeed in a great awakening of the soul. They do not want us to learn who we really are and what are true capability is but for those who stand firm in love and light there is no stopping us.

If you are not a believer in any of this please remember I warned you as I have heard their voices personally and know of a surety this will happen. Please follow your heart and at least keep an open mind as they will surely show up as they have promised. When they do maybe then you will see the reality of this and then you can consider that all we have said is true, be prepared in mind and heart as those who rule this world will do all they can to stop you from believing and containing this information.