Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My attempt for clarification on the disappointment of today.

This is a post by Brad Johnson of http://www.10-14-08.com regarding the recent disappointment of today 10/14/2008 with the projected Galactic Federation of Light Starship not showing up when predicted.

I don't think anyone could have said it better, so I'm not going to try.

Brad's site is the source of most of my updates and info on this site, and I want to thank him for all his work in this issue.

My attempt for clarification on the disappointment of today

What can I tell you guys...I know there's many of the skeptics out there gloating, proud of themselves with big smiles on their faces. Yes, no light ship has arrived. And it is a heartbreak.

People feel I should clarify my feelings. But what I felt was what I felt. I did feel new energies, and I did feel and believe Blossom's message. She is a good person with a good heart, and now she's had threats on her life because skeptics are upset that a ship didn't show up.

I think we've all missed the purpose of the entire message. And this is what I've come to realize. It's not about waiting for ETs to show up. It's about seeing how we as a civilization can be come unified and aware of the forces and energies that are out there. I think, in my opinion, this was a test made by our allies. We have felt them, but they would not intervene, because they want to test us to make ourselves see what we're truly capable of as ourselves.

Prior to October 14th, all of us bonded. Every single one of us. We stand united. And because a ship fails to show, now there is nothing but repulsive hate, anger and disgust upon many. And who do they unleash their anger towards? The messengers, the believers...The people who work to try and make this world a better place for everyone. Showing people positivity and how we can better ourselves as a civilization. By all just showing everyone love, courtesy and respect toward us all. That there's a bigger, better life out there, and yet we all mask that possibility because the Earth Cabal has brainwashed many of us hook line and sinker.

It's so easy for anyone to say, "this is a hoax, I was right. You're all wrong, ha ha ha!"...What exactly are you attempting to get out of that? This event was meant to be a positive one. A day where all of humanity can unite, and we can filter out the bull shit of what the corrupted feed us each and every day. That's what this was all about. If a light ship showed..Great! But that wasn't the point of this day.

Those disappointed at the light ship failing to arrive are becoming the very things we want to wipe clean of ourselves. They become full of hate, vengeance and anger. When will all of us learn that we are so much better than we give ourselves credit for? Why must we dwell on the fact that we need saviors to survive? The point of the light ship wasn't meant to put thoughts in our heads that they were our saviors. They were coming simply to let you all know that they exist. But to the truly open minded, we already know that. So why...Do we continue to fight amongst ourselves? We are doing exactly what the corrupt want us to do. Spread hate, spread fear and violence over a prediction.

One of the best phrases I can think of regarding this event was to "lighten up and wake up." Regardless of what has occured, this past few weeks, we had entered that area ourselves. It didn't require a light ship to do that. Now that one fails to arrive beyond our understandings, we're back to where we started before this site even existed. We're paranoid, we're hostile...We have duality!

Well said Brad. Thank You for your great take on this issue.
What we all need right now is to stay focused on whatever brings you Joy.
By doing that, along with meditation, and continuing to evolve,
we can make an extremely huge difference on where this planet is headed,
regardless of any ILLUSION of negativity and corruption.
Stay focused on the positive and it will all fall into place like it is planned
for your life.

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